Diagnostic Services

At WMB NE Ltd, we specialise in Mercedes diagnostics using the dealer-level original diagnostic Xentry Kit 3. This diagnostics kit allows us to replace and reprogram new control units. We can also carry out software updates which are necessary and often essential to rectify certain electronic issues and improve system performance. Additionally, it enables us to carry out SCN (Software Calibration Number) coding which is necessary to commission the majority of new Mercedes control units.

Xentry Kit 3

Because we own the official Mercedes Xentry Kit 3, we can order and fit all theft-relevant parts which are typically only available to order by official Mercedes main dealers. Some examples of theft-relevant parts are:

At WMB NE Ltd we require certain documents as proof of ownership before we are able to order theft-relevant parts. This is an essential security measure which represents a huge step in the battle against car crime.